Everything starts in 1970 when Sergio Tegon, drawing from the experience he gained working in some of the leading Groups of Italian fashion, decides that the time has come to undertake his own challenge. 

The Seventy’s brand appeals to a careful customer who rewards the high quality of tailoring tradition, ready to surprise you with unexpected innovative details. 

Venice, born on water, could only develop a liquid culture. The trends of art, architecture, cinema, design, technology and fashion have always developed here. An it’s exactly here in this open and endless frame that Seventy Venezia was born, a brand which, for fifty years, has been fed by the culture and beauty of a city which escapes any definition. A city loved by beauty lovers. A city which sees in beauty the warp and weft of the world. Seventy’s style is made up of a unique and original mixture of ingredients which are personal, refined, subtle as well as dynamic, innovative and rule-breaking. Our brand has Venice in its logo, our tribute to an ideal of timeless elegance, a reflection on water lighting up the invisible and precious details of our creations. Seventy Venezia is constantly evolving, ready to predict the dynamic style of globe trotters, visiting Venice, Italy or the world, because it’s the movement which generates energy, ideas, inspiration and the true idea of fashion.