L4K3 is a Fashion Factory where fashion is interpreted through new stylistic canons that draw inspiration from the historical tradition of the master ropers of Lake Iseo or rather of Monte Isola. 

Today, in the fashion world L4K3 means trendy sneakers, it means bags that know how to amaze, it means always new accessories that anticipate the consumer’s tastes but above all means research and innovation, for this reason today the company L4K3 with the aim of combining research and quality, tradition and innovation, has become a place where creatives, even very young ones, can collaborate, discuss and create projects destined to become new original accessories. 

Essential conditions for an L4K3 article: 

  • Artisan production 
  • Made in Italy by qualified and certified artisans 
  • Style characterized by a strong stylistic identity. 
  • Hand crafted ropes.