IFD was founded in 2000 based on the prior experience of its President, Irina Goudkova, who has been working in the distribution market of the former Soviet Union since 1993 and who has built solid relationships with the most important European fashion groups.  The need to create a new company was dictated by the signs of great changes in the market and the consequent need to create a management and organizational structure capable of providing not only the best quality commercial services but also high-level management of deliveries and receivables and financial management adequate to the exponential growth in sales. For these reasons, Sergio Pea was appointed CEO in 2003 contributing his managerial experience to the company. The objective is to work in close contact with businesses so as to be involved in the entire development process that starts with a study of the market and the potential of the brand to be able to construct medium to long-term distribution projects. The company currently employs over 40 persons and has a sophisticated management system for both its administrative and commercial departments; for the latter, we have created a database that collects information relative to more than 170 cities of the former Soviet Union and relative clients (over 1500) and the brands handled by each one of them. IFD works on a regular basis with more than 450 clients throughout the Russian Federation, handling more than 2 hundred million retail orders annually (nearly 100 mln wholesale).